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CurveBall – great fun for all ages. There are moments when you need to relax or kill time, and in the same moment, you don’t want to strain your brain too much. If you are looking for a game and you want it to be interesting, fun and addictive, CurveBall is a perfect choice for you. No matter are you young or old, rich or poor, educated or not, this could be your game. This is a very simple game, which makes it easy for everyone to learn. It is actually and improved 3D version of the Pong game many people still like to play. The biggest difference between Pong and CurveBall is in a fact that, because of the 3D features, a player can play curve shots. You are playing against the computer and your job is to send him a ball he can’t defend and defend him from doing the same thing to you at the same time. On of the strongest weapons in a game is curve shots. Those curve shots are

a great solution because they make this game harder to play, but not too hard. They can also help you win the level, and get bonus points while doing it. While playing, the mouse will be your only control, so there is no need to think about complicated controls. When you win the game, you will go to the next level. Basically, there in no limit to how high you can go, but the difficulty increases with every new level, and up to today, no one passed level 11. Your final score will be determined by several elements. Of course, it mostly depends on how long you resist. You will also get some bonus points for curved balls you play, as well as for those you defend from. To summarize, CurveBall is a great game to play if you are looking for undemanding, but the fun game at the same time. You won't need complicated controls or learning rules for a weeks. All you need is your mouse and online connection to start playing and having fun.

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